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With the One Stop Hubs content, you’ll spend less time developing content and more time with your students. Our courses are highly engaging and developed to the specifications of the National Registry. Our courses are provided with outlines, quizzes and pre-approved Massachusetts OEMS numbers. Courses can be packaged for live or in SCORM format for online administration. We can also provide an online education platform customized to your brand. Find out more about our hosted solutions.

Our online courses and quizzes are designed to continue where the user left off. We also disable access to the quiz until the presentation has been fully viewed. We offer a number of hybrid courses that require a hands-on practical grade to be entered into the grade-book before the website issues a certificate for the completed coursework.

Our courses can be administered online under your supervision. If you make yourself available to answer questions to students through chat/phone/email while a course is running, the course qualifies as interactive training under the National Registry requirements and no limits for this type of education towards recertification.